The Nerd Squad

Meet the Geeks

Nisar (Javed) Sadiq, MD/
Chief Medical Officer / AKA the “Chief Geek”

Puts the “Nerd” in Nerdy Doc. Also our mascot. Dr. Sadiq is not only board certified in all things “nerd” but also in both Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. Currently the Chief Medical Officer of a surgical center in Southern California and active in private practices, this practicing physician is recognized for his amazing patient care and bedside manners. But wait, that’s not all this “Nerdy Doc” does. He is also an accomplished medical researcher and has co-authored a number of peer reviewed and published articles in the field of GI medicine. Nisar attended the exclusive Biomed program at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) with a Dean/Chancellor Academic Scholarship. After completion of his Bachelor of Science degree, Dr. Sadiq did invertebrate and vector transmission research in the Agriculture and Natural Resource department of UCR under the mentorship of Dr. Nick Toscano Ph.D. Thereafter, this “Chief Geek” attended Ross University Medical School and graduated Magna Cum Laude (High Honors). After medical school, Dr. Sadiq completed his Internal Medicine internship and residency at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. One day it dawned on Nisar that his geek status still had wiggle room to be taken up a notch, so he pursued a fellowship in Gastroenterology/Hepatology SUNY Downstate. His training and exposure was broad as he did clinical rotations at prestigious sites such as Mount Sinai and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Favorite TV Show: Facts of Life

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles/Abstracts

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Suhail Abdullah, MBS
/ Chief Scientific & Operations Officer / AKA the “Lab Geek”

Not sure how we did it, but somehow we managed to get our hands on the geekiest of “Lab Geeks”. Suhail is a medical device industry expert in R&D and regulatory affairs, a co-author of several scientific articles and inventor. With a life commitment to out-geeking anyone in the field Suhail makes sure all Nerdy Doc products are developed to exceed industry standards. He brings 20 years of experience serving in various leadership positions including Research and Development Director and Chief Scientific Officer, along with being a seasoned consultant for medical device companies and a member of the advisory board for Cal Baptist University’s School of Biomedical Engineering. Suhail started out in R&D, where he worked on the development and manufacturing of implantable medical devices. He managed the design and development of products from concept to market. He thoroughly enjoyed any task that would elevate and feed his geekiness so he threw himself into technology scouting and evaluation, license negotiations, project planning, upstream marketing, pre-clinical verification and validation testing, training of surgeons and employees, in-vivo preclinical GLP studies and first-in-man clinical evaluations. Suhail devised regulatory strategies and often interfaced with the FDA, prepared regulatory submissions, and received FDA clearances. But all that just wet this Lab Geek’s appetite for more! His strong geek-drive resulted in him establishing a Clinical and Medical Affairs department which oversaw multiple clinical studies and publications. Suhail is a proud graduate of the Cybernetics program at UCLA and completed a Masters of Business and Science from the Keck Graduate Institute with a specialization in medical devices. He also brings 14 thriving years of experience running e-commerce businesses, and has a side hustle as the co-owner of a successful apparel brand sold on multiple marketplaces including Amazon and Walmart, an accomplishment that would make any nerd jealous! Fun (true) nerd fact about Suhail: he used to wear broken glasses held together with tape in 3 places.

Favorite TV Show: Star Trek 🖖 (far superior to Star Wars)


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Mona Shams, MBA /
Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer / AKA the “Marketing Dork”

Mona is our dorky expert in marketing who is leading Nerdy Doc’s drive to become the most fun and customer-centered supplement brand in the market. This lively and fun dork has extensive experience driving brand/communication and campaign strategy for premier brands including Samsung, Crocs, Mentos, Seinnheiser, Nationwide and Nikon as an Account Strategist and Planner at a renowned ad agency in New York City. She also worked as a Marketing Research Analyst at a formula one racing company. Mona received a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration & Marketing from UCR. And as is expected of most nerds, she graduated Magna Cum Laude with Dean’s Honor Roll. But that dorkiness always pays off! She was able to further her studies with a fully paid scholarship for an MBA from UCR/UCLA’s A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management (AGSM). There she focused on Marketing & Advertising. During her MBA studies, Mona served as the Student Affairs and Marketing Officer at AGSM's Student Association. Mona also worked as a Market Researcher for the Wired Project which was aimed at promoting engineers/scientists to innovation driven companies in California. Her passion goes beyond marketing to fashion and food! Mona has worked alongside designers in DTLA as well as NYC. She’s helped put on fashion shows and has studied textile and apparel at FIT. Mona is also a huge coffee geek. She owns every type of coffee brewing equipment on her kitchen counter from siphon to a tall cold brew tower. She studied coffee and completed full barista training at Counter Culture Coffee's training lab in SoHo NYC. Mona took her two passions for fashion and food to Instagram in April 2020. She's managed to quickly create a healthy following on her page @garbsandcarbs where her dorkiness shines bright with her captivating style and fun captions.

Favorite TV Show: Inspector Gadget

Faisal Abdullah, PhD /
Chief Information and Data Officer / AKA the “Data Dweeb”

Faisal brings his skills as a researcher and alternative health enthusiast. Faisal knew at a young age that he was destined to be a nerd, so he aimed for the stars! By the age of 13 when most kids are finally learning how to pack their own backpacks, this dweeb had entered university?! Through Cal State LA’s prestigious Early Entrance Program he received a BA in Political Science with Magna Cum Laude. While still in undergrad, Faisal interned at a medical device company where he designed a prototype for a low-cost visual-field testing apparatus for use in third world countries. He holds a PhD from UCLA, where he gained extensive experience as a researcher, educator, and translator. His dissertation project benefited from digital humanities methods that allowed him to analyze large data sources spanning several centuries. Because of his neurotic obsession with incorporating extensive data into his research, he was named the “expert of very long footnotes” by one of his professors. Faisal is the recipient of numerous prestigious research and educational fellowships and has conducted extended research and studies abroad. His dweebiness extends to varied interests including livestock management, UFOs (I want to believe!), futurology and global politics. Our “Data Dweeb” dabbles in various markets, including being a co-partner in a successful e-commerce business. His varied entrepreneurial endeavours have given Faisal several years of experience in quality control, manufacturer relations, marketing and brand development. Faisal is also a firm believer in the potential of alternative medicine for holistic health, even if a little eccentric. Faisal brings to the Nerdy Doc team his experience running electrical currents through his head, subjecting his body to very cold temperatures, and ingesting weird concoctions all in the name of “body-hacking” and “science”.

Favorite TV Show: Star Wars: Clone Wars (far superior to Star Trek)