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We can’t truly achieve holistic well-being unless we also take care of the communities and the natural environment that we are all a part of. That’s why the Nerdy Doc team is committed to donating a portion of our profits to projects that help support people, animals, and the environment around us. Here are four causes that your purchase helps support:

Reforestation of the Earth

Reforestation is the most cost effective and scalable means of carbon-capture in the world today. With CO2 levels on the rise and forests being eradicated around the world, we need to do our part to maintain the health and vitality of our planet’s forests. Nerdy Doc proudly supports OneTreePlanted, where every dollar donated is used to plant and maintain one tree.

OneTreePlanted has a Platinum Seal from GuideStar for its transparency and a score of 100 from Charity Navigator for being highly cost effective and impactful.

Animal Conservation

In case you didn’t notice from our branding, we love animals. We’re also concerned about the future of our world’s animal populations, whose existence is at risk due to the eradication of wildlife habitats, animal poaching and ecological changes brought about through climate change. These animals serve valuable roles in ecosystems across the world, and their demise ultimately affects all of us.

Nerdy Doc is proud to support the Wildlife Conservation Network, a 4 star charity with Charity Navigator that does effective and transparent field work in 78 countries that helps preserve over 92 species of animals.

Doctors Without Borders

We support Doctors Without Borders, the international medical humanitarian aid organization that deploys medical professionals in countries ravaged by conflict or endemic diseases.

The internationally-known organization helps provide critical medical services to those who would otherwise have no access.

Access to Clean Water

Access to water is a basic right for all of us. Yet more than 785 million people don’t have access to basic water services and more than 884 million people do not have safe water to drink.

Charity: Water has a 4 star rating with Charity Navigator and has funded nearly 65,000 water projects that will serve over 12 million people in 29 countries.

A portion of our profits goes to support Charity: Water’s projects.