‘We’re different,’ just like every other company’s website claims.

We are avid believers in the benefits of natural and herbal-based remedies. Unfortunately, a large number of available products on the market today are not only suboptimal but also gimmicky. When Nisar, our “Chief Geek” and “Nerdy Doc” himself, was asked by several of his patients for dietary supplements to aid in their treatment plan, he was at a loss. He felt that many of the available supplements just didn’t cut it. This void led Nisar to gather the nerdiest team in all the lands to diligently research nutritional studies and produce a formulation he can proudly stand by and confidently offer his patients. By 2019 the first Nerdy Doc supplement had come to life. Nisar and his super nerdy team include a “Lab Geek”, a “Data Dweeb” and a “Marketing Dork” bringing you the best body-helping formulations on the market!

So what makes Nerdy Doc supplements better and different?

Like typical nerds, we don’t follow the mainstream hype-train or gimmicks. We put our intellects to the test and pour over research and nutritional studies to ensure our ingredient selection and dosing is research-validated. Yes, this probably costs more, but who cares? The bottom dollar is not what drives us. We are driven to create products that have innate value for our customers.

Our products are never animal tested. Real patients evaluate our products before we release them to the public. Our background in scientific validation and the medical field means we go the extra mile that very few companies do to ensure our products are actually vetted.

We have a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) on all of our products and use cGMP protocols. We’re certified legit aka the Real Deal Holyfield. What we say is what you get baby! Studies have shown that many available supplements advertise incorrect values for their supplements or may even include contaminants.

All of our products are developed, manufactured, and tested in the US of A! That’s right folks we’re all American made!

We have a unique team of highly educated developers with degrees including; PhD, MD, MBA, and MBS. We’re as nerd as they come! Refer to Our Team page for more information.

We are a transparent company that wants to do right by our employees and customers. We eagerly look forward to feedback and recommendations on our products and services. Don’t be shy & speak your mind, we’re all ears the few times people call us!

Nerdy Doc is a value-driven company that believes in bettering the world we live in. We use a portion of our profits to support charities and important causes that help people and the environment. We care about all walks of life and strive to give back! (refer to Our Causes page)