Powerful herb treats Arthritis-Curcumin



This herb is widely used in Southeast Asia and certain parts of Africa. Renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, Curcumin can also be taken in capsule form to help manage symptoms of inflammatory diseases including arthritis. It is bright yellow in its natural form and can also be used as a dye. By itself, this herb has an earthy, slightly bitter taste and also slides in a little bit of heat. It may be added to rice, poultry, used to make curries or soups. Check out this simple recipe for curry rice.




Superfoods Challenge

Fruits, berries, nuts, seeds top view.Healthy, detox, superfood.

Week 1: Cauliflower

Week 2: Hemp Seeds





Over the next 12 weeks we will introduce or remind you of a variety of superfoods. We challenge you to add them to your everyday diet. Get the facts, recipe ideas, and start enjoying healthy eating!

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