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Stop dieting for good. Change your lifestyle

A lifestyle change does not exclude major food groups, it limits nutrient-poor foods.

Every year, we make promises to ourselves. Some are lofty, likely unachievable goals. The decision to lead a healthy lifestyle does not need to be one of those. Every minute of every day we can make the right choice for healthy bodies. Throw out the idea of a diet, instead think about a lifestyle change. Adopt practices that align with a healthy lifestyle that you can stick to for life. Stringent, “no-#@%*” diets- no carbs, no fat, fad diets-are not sustainable.

A good lifestyle change does not exclude major food groups, it limits nutrient poor foods, makes exercise a part of everyday living. So, make a lifestyle change: move more, dump nutrient poor foods and enjoy eating delicious nutrient packed foods.

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Superfoods Challenge

Fruits, berries, nuts, seeds top view.Healthy, detox, superfood.

Week 1: Cauliflower

Week 2: Hemp Seeds





Over the next 12 weeks we will introduce or remind you of a variety of superfoods. We challenge you to add them to your everyday diet. Get the facts, recipe ideas, and start enjoying healthy eating!

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