The Right Foods To Eat


Food can bring health or disease to our bodies. We are indeed what we eat. Nutrition and health research has long shown a link between certain foods and disease, e.g. red meat and obesity, heart disease and colon cancer, nitrites (which are in deli meats, hot dogs, ham burgers, bacon) have been linked to gastric cancers, charred barbecue foods have been linked to GI cancers, and the list goes on. In the same vein, diets heavy in vegetables such as the mediterranean diet, vegetarian and vegan diets have been directly linked to lower heart disease, fewer incidences of cancers, lower rates of obesity, lower BMI, more energy, and better sleep.

The medicinal qualities of food lie in fruits and vegetables. They are nature’s healing potions. I strongly believe that our diet should not just have fruits and veggies, it should be MOSTLY fruits and veggies. Following are a few helpful tips on how to plan meals packed with nourishment.

  1. Eliminate or severely limit meats, dairy, and processed foods
  2. Eat several servings of leafy green vegetables, preferably raw, daily.  This can be easily accomplished by having a green smoothie with a meal, and a leafy salad with another.
  3. Include vegetables with every meal.
  4. Eat fresh fruits as part of a snack or as desert.